Monday :: Jul 19, 2010

Open Thread

by Mary

The "Sam" family shows how a family tightens its belt when times get tough.

We'll call the government the "Sam" family. And this family is in debt because Mr Sam decided to quit his high paying job as a Hedge Fund manager during the good years but they all spent like there was no tomorrow. Then the economy crashed and they lost a lot of their equity in their house and Mrs Sam got her hours cut back. They had to borrow from their dwindling 401K and Mrs Sam went back to school part time to learn some new skills so she could get a better job. But she needs another year or so before that can pay off.

Meanwhile, Mr Sam insists that everyone go on a diet, sell their possessions, their bodies, whatever it takes, but under no circumstances will he ever go back to work. In fact, he blames everyone in the family but himself for the mess they are in and wants them to pay for him to take a long vacation in Miami so he can stop listening to their whining. He insists that he's doing his part by tipping the poolboys.

Mr Sam, of course, is a Republican.

Absolutely spot-on comparison to the current Republican deficit hawk proposals. Thanks, Digby.

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