Wednesday :: Jul 21, 2010

Starting the (Beck) Revolution

by Mary

So while the Administration worries about the appearance of whether they are not sufficiently attuned to the right wing sentiments, real hate and incitement to violence seems to be something to just let lie. And while Tom Vilsack can act fast and fire someone for some bogus allegations, when Glenn Beck sets his hounds out for liberals, no one seems to care.

At the same time that the lying liar, Andrew Breitbart, smeared the name of an honorable public servant, another story was breaking out on the West Coast where an angry listener of Glenn Beck packed on his bullet-proof vest and set out to murder those who Glenn had targeted as enemies of the country.

Would it be too much for someone in the media to ask Glenn Beck why he thinks that the Tides Foundation should be considered the enemy and why it's okay to sic his followers on them? And perhaps they might follow up with the Justice Department and FBI to see whether Beck's incitements to violence aren't going over the line?

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