Thursday :: Jul 22, 2010

JournoList Update of Nothing

by paradox

Oy I am in a lousy mood, stemming not only from the latest uproar from the putrid Mr. Breitbart and Shirleygate, but also from an obligatory update still related to the swinish Mr. Breitbart, how is it this political pumpkinhead and ethical serpent is taken seriously in any sense?

Normally I would never subject myself or my readers to the petty antics of this idiot, but the watch was put on the story and alleged events have occurred, and I suppose any background information on the nauseating behavior of our blowhard right-wing propagandists is relevant to some extent today, given how they’ve speared the Republic so horribly again.

Mr. Breitbart. Mr. Dickhead Extraordinaire, his previous trick before regressing us all was to offer $100,000 for Mr. Ezra Klein’s JournoList email group archive so they could get some more journalists fired from innocuous mails of nothing (that’s what the whole uproar was initially based on too, nada, Mr. Weigel called Drudge the useless slime he is. So?).1 Well, the business about the reward is still totally mute on news, it was all very likely bombastic horseshit anyway, but sure enough more of the archive has leaked out and some disgusting “journalists” from our right-wing purely propaganda shops have gleefully published some “stories” like high school goons passing on their topless girlfriend pictures.

There’s nothing there, just plain conversion twisted and taken out of context to launch a pathetically lame smear that’s somehow supposed to take down a career. What a mission for life, eh? To me the stories written up of the two leaks—if there is one—is the suffering and embarrassment of the writers targeted in the smears. Who among us would like to professionally deal with published nothings of the past that still somehow must be defended? Against slithering little turds of the most rank immaturity? We as a people and Republic should be so much better than this.

This was to be entirely 100% expected. I know nothing of Mr. Klein’s personal life (thankfully), but as the new breed of American journalist who came up through the blogs he is very much more-known and trusted by his reader base than a J-school writer, the internet medium just twists a career out that way. Mr. Klein would never, ever jeopardize his professional career by publishing falsehoods, when he said there was nothing but nothing in the archive of course it was the truth.

Naturally it did not satisfy those in the Drudge cult (well well well, Mr. Tucker Carlson, what a surprise to find you here), for whom the concept of spoken truth is decidedly foreign. If the world were a sane place anything to do with the heinous Mr. Breitbart would be radioactively toxic to an extreme degree and no one would ever have anything to do with his pathetic soap-dish soul of depravity. We may yet get to that place, I’ve always had the greatest hopes for America, but we are not there yet, obviously.

[1] The holy platinum grail in the social sciences is to predict behavior, build a model that says humans will perform thusly given x set of variables and at least tenure, riches and ivory adulation is yours at any Ivy shop for life.

Two days before that slimebag Mr. Breitbart got Sherrod fired Amanda Marcotte of Pandagon wrote a story that nothing gets our right-wing high-schooler goons off more than getting somebody fired.

No, she can’t do it every week and it isn’t a model, but that’s still just ridiculous talent, shit.

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