Wednesday :: Jul 28, 2010

Afghanistan: the Poutrage!

by paradox

By some devious chicanery of legislative machinery the House approved war funding for Afghanistan yesterday, yielding perfectly adverse reactions sneered at disdainfully by Obama supporters as childish, blinkered, petulant foot-stomping, those embarrassing liberal hippie patchouli nerds didn’t get their lollipops so here comes the “poutrage.”

Us snotty liberal children, why, we’re completely indistinguishable from those politically lunatic “conservatives” we’ve spent eight frantic years in the screens trying to save the country from, too, just strip out the names, time, context and you whiny little poutists sound precisely like Nixonites!

I have some observations as a political scientist and citizen I deem very important to illuminate in this stifling insanity that certainly deem publication, and as usual it will be up to the reader to judge pertinence and maturity of those views. They make Obama and Party supporters acutely uncomfortable, it’s perfectly understandable, and their semi-desperate flings to disparage opponents to policy as crying political thug children are predictable given the awful outcomes Obama the President delivers on a broad range of issues.

Obama leadership is so bad on Afghanistan he’s breaking a campaign promise by using a “supplemental” to pass it, a way to fund the war that makes it possible by evading normal budgeting processes. Elements are so cramped and contorted jamming this blood-soaked psychosis of endless war through the House this year, however, that the lunacy forced passing the war money with no formal 2011 federal budget at all, what that means is that with a few puny tweaks—and one massive supplemental—the 2010 budget will be in place next year.

The inability to produce a budget is thunderously bad enough, but under Congressional rules this means that next year’s budget process has no “reconciliation” with whatever the Senate comes up with in their budget. Reconciliation in Congress is a one-shot deal to evade Senate filibuster rules, it’s how in complete desperation the Democrats passed the so totally needed student loan reform last year. Now for 2011 even that tiny window of functionality is gone in our dysfunctional Congress.

Putting aside all the horrifying ramifications of senseless war, if a newly minted citizen were to come to me, say, and ask my advice for voting behavior based solely upon this budgeting behavior my instant, unequivocal answer as a passionately loyal Democrat and liberal who loathes Republicans would be thus: throw their asses out of office. Now.

Leadership that forces disgracefully evasive and dishonest behavior is one thing, but this time it created an environment where the House abandoned its core mission of creating a budget that also created serious future regression, if that were somehow possible. That Congressional behavior isn’t acceptable to any citizen by any Party running Congress. Ever.

Personal identification to the immense gravity of this transgression is easy, it’s as if one was in a marriage where one partner, it was honestly and maturely agreed, tapped out the budget and promised not to so horribly and regressively spend like years past. Then one day he or she comes home and says fuck it, dear, the promise is gonzo, there is no budget and I’m off to Vegas and Rio for a few months with money we don’t have for whatever regression I can find.

No, I don’t think that relationship behavior should last, nor should any citizen endorse it with their votes.

Empiricism, too, is easily at hand for this rankly immature inability to budget. Here in California the primary wedge is taxation, not war, but we too have a Senate crippled by supermajority rules, and we too have leadership desperately trying to jam through totally untenable solutions like taking seniors off home care or forcing state employees to take minimum wage as pay for 2 months (seriously). The result is no budget, things have gone to total hell, and there appears to be no hope or a way out.

Human character and society are rarely static, either progression or regression is our lot. With Congressional leadership actively choosing the massively grave choice of abandoning their core budgetary duty further regression can only be our fate, that cannot be a tenable choice for leadership, get rid of them.

If it takes even more insanity from a Republican House in 2011 for the lesson to sink in, so be it. Some paths adults never take, if they so blatantly toss aside decency and duty their responsibility is taken from them, so sorry the Congressional reality is not the same as Goldman Sachs.

Yet somehow with Obama leadership I must earnestly promote and convince a Democratic victory, such is my inviolate duty to Party and Country, that too is the path of any sane responsible adult in America of 2010. If that regresses me to a squalling brat of Nixonite purity in the horrible contortions of it, well, Obama leadership took me there, not myself.

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