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It’s real folks. The Globe is Warming

by Oly Mike

and the weather is more extreme and we are not taking the steps we need to take to change things.

Remember the folks who were saying it wasn’t real? Who would point to small data points and say, hey, why is this cooler? Those folks fall into two primary categories, tools of industries committed to profits that depend on continuing emission levels and fools. The fools are primarily made up of simple folks who could be manipulated by gun rights or race or abortion to oppose anything that Al Gore or folks on the political left (scientific thinkers?) had to say.

Folks are easily manipulated. One of the task of a free press is to reduce the manipulation by getting accurate information out. It’s hard competing with the flash and sizzle of Fox News. But the truth will out.

Global Warming “Undeniable,” U.S. Government Report Says

Past decade hottest on record, NOAA study says.

The retreating Iceberg Glacier in Chile’s Bernardo O’Higgins National Park (file).
Global warming is undeniable,” and it’s happening fast, a new U.S. government report says.

Published July 28, 2010

Global Warming “Undeniable,” U.S. Government Report Says

Past decade hottest on record, NOAA study says.

An in-depth analysis of ten climate indicators all point to a marked warming over the past three decades, with the most recent decade being the hottest on record, according to the latest of the U.S. National Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration’s annual “State of the Climate” reports, which was released Wednesday. Reliable global climate record-keeping began in the 1880s.

And for the first time, scientists put data from climate indicators—such as ocean temperature and sea-ice cover—together in one place. Their consistency “jumps off the page at you,” report co-author Derek Arndt said.

“This is like going to the doctor and getting your respiratory test and circulatory test and your neurosystem test,” said Arndt, head of the Climate Monitoring Branch of NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center.

“It’s testing all the parts, and they’re all in agreement that the same thing’s going on.”

Such climatic shifts are already ushering in extreme weather, which plagued much of the globe in 2009, according to the report. (See a world map of potential global warming impacts.) For instance, Australia experienced its third hottest year on record.

On one February 2009 day—labeled “Black Saturday”—in Australia, 400 wildfires swept across the state of Victoria, killing 173 people and destroying 3,500 buildings. (See pictures of the Australian fires.)

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