Wednesday :: Aug 4, 2010

Four Stories

by paradox

The City of San Jose decided to tax it’s still semi-unruly and quickly-spreading unregulated medical pot clubs last week with a sales tax hit of 10%. No, one can’t sell medical pot near schools or anything remotely associated with children, we’re codifying it now, but in tough times the sick get taxed with a hella hard 10% whack, get freaking used to this tough and mean 21st America fast, hombre.

Okay. I’m watching closely—as usual—and will wait patiently for outcomes. I don’t forget anyway, but attention is even more acute here for, unfortunately, medical marijuana is a very big deal personally, my life would be very much better not to be hounded with fear and persecution just so I can stop puking. I don’t think taxing sick little people with an outrageously regressive sales tax will bring us to that place, yet it does inch us forward in some ways. We shall see.

My time is coming soon. I’ve started to leave furiously profane comments with writers I cherish most at Daily Kos, I hope they know that in my dread I really just need to be close to my people. Next is a work I’ll regret even more just aching to be so-easily-deleted—but never to be—from the archive. Then silence, then days of tentative work after pasting together wherever my head got pushed to that time, then seemingly normal life, then the waiting.

I apologize for being personal, more so than you will ever know. I simply don’t know how to blog any way else here, there really aren’t any rules, I’m not a professional, and I’m weary unto death of not letting my readers know why I fade out and come back throughout the year. There is real hope and progress this time, truly, the wait is longer and one holy unbelievable day may never, ever come back.

Meantime I am not writing an awful spit-out like that abhorrent Jerry Brown piece in May. I’m watching and waiting for developments on four stories our sorry-assed journalism corps can’t or won’t report on, the truth behind them would be very good for the Republic and little people to know.

Elizabeth Warren is not going to head the new Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection, or in some further epoch of political time some heads will be busted to blissfully get her in. What precisely is happening here? What’s the god damn delay, is this not election season? Not one anonymous quote, please, a goal to be a professional is quite enough, we’ll sift out the truth ourselves.

50,000 troops will stay in Iraq for two years after we “leave” this year. What for? Where? At permanent bases that never got built? In the time of Cheney we never spent billions on mega-bases so we can just whistle as we walk? If we did spend hundreds of billions on bases we’re simply abandoning, the little people would like the truth and an audit.

The Obama Administration got trapped in a childishly disgusting game of my dick is bigger than yours last Spring over the location of terrorism trials, New York or no? Our cher fanatic Republican cousins brayed the trials must be moved, and any choice Obama will make turns a puke funnel of Fox News capitulation on him or the fury of Americans living without fear. Well? What in the hell is taking so long? An update on the truth of this issue is long overdue.

FinReg finally passed, what is the status of the Fed audit of the finance “industry” bailout in the Fall/Winter of 2008? What in the name of holy freaking Darwin are the precise mechanics of the bailout, why do the little people hear TARP is only going to cost $100 billion (chump change, eh?) with an authorization of $700 billion, yet the amazing word trillion keeps getting thrown around in what Bernanke and the Fed did, it’s what righteously pissed Bernie Sanders off when Benny told Sanders get lost on the Fed bailout specifics.

By all the atoms in the universe, who bailed out those Wall Street crooks? TARP and Congress, or the Fed in secret? Or both? When? How, and what for? What is the final god damn freaking answer for how much the little people are on the hook for all this?

Ezra Klein, Mathew Yglesias, Adam Serwer, the end-of-the-day link dumps are good and insightful, thank you. Greg Sargent, Washington Post, earning deep respect for reporting on the abhorrent JournoList mess is an excellent foundation for a long career. Good luck, eh?

Bye. May this day with our country be in good works toward an America that serves all of us.

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