Saturday :: Aug 7, 2010

No One is Illegal

by Oly Mike

It seems like a crazy thing to me that so many Americans have the idea that the descendants of the first inhabitants of this continent are illegal when they show up here now. We seized a lot of this continent by force. We imposed a private european land ownership scheme that invalidated an indigenous land ownership scheme that largely saw land, air, water as a commons.

It's a strange world. We now have a Supreme Court that would probably be willing to overturn precedent to reinstate Plessy v. Ferguson, if not Dred Scott and we have "moderate" Senator Lindsay Graham calling the 14th amendment a mistake. You have to give the Confederate States of America credit for their persistence even if you have to throw out logic, justice and compassion to join with them. It would be simply sad to watch if the Obama press guy had not let it slip recently that these folks are in good shape for the mid-term election.

Here's a link to the NYT article.

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