Saturday :: Aug 7, 2010

Local News from Olympia

by Oly Mike

The local news stories I am following in Olympia have legs. The hottest story in town remains the Olympia Food Co-op's decision to join the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanction movement which led to the removal of products made in Israel from the Co-op's shelves. This seems like a grass roots movement to exert economic pressure on Israel to stop their oppression of Palestinians, to stop the destruction of Palestinian homes and seizure of Palestinian lands and resources like water. Olympia is the home town of Rachel Corrie, so a lot of folks in town are pretty committed to the cause of justice for the Palestinians and a lot of folks do not trust Israel to be fair or open. All of this is leading to discussion of insensitivity to the Jewish community, if not outright anti-semitism, and charges that Olympia condones and supports oppression and victimization of Jews. There a thicket for you. Is it possible to support the boycott, to work for justice for Palestinians, to work against the militarism of Israel without being attacked or smeared as anti-semitic?

Next up in this dustup? Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation has Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb in town on August 8th to talk about her travels in the Middle East and why she supports the boycott movement. I plan to be there.

Then on August 12th, the Olympia Co-op Membership gathers to discuss the boycott decision at the Olympia Center. Yep, think I am going to that one, too.

The other big story? Resistance and opposition to biomass incinerators are building. More on biomass story sometime soon. Like the boycott story, it is local and global.

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