Wednesday :: Aug 25, 2010

Bankruptcy Bingo

by Oly Mike

Like Mary I have been too busy at work, but taking a day off to catch my breath, check emails at home etc.

One thing I notice doing bk work 5 plus days a week is that the Dodge Durango seems to be one of the most popular vehicle choices for the population of folks who will be visiting the US Bankruptcy Court at some future date.

I think the rig should be renamed the Dodge Debitor and it should come with free parking at bankruptcy courts around the nation.

Also thinking that there is small market for a bankruptcy bingo game based on common entries in bankruptcy pleadings. One line would be for mortgages companies, one for vehicles - Debitor is popular, but not quite like the Free spot, one for pets - horses are good for bankruptcy, turtles not so much, etc. Have to have a line for pay day loan companies.

Adjustable rate mortgages? interest only mortgage? Payday loans?


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