Saturday :: Aug 28, 2010

Phidipides Says Open thread? Good for a hangover? You got it.

by Oly Mike

Not stepping on you here, Oly. We need us an Open Thread. How the hell can I exercise the true mental clarity of a viscous hangover without one? Here goes:


As Annony points out, Obama needs to be doing some fancy speechifyin' next week. Where should he start? We know Obama has written-off Liberals, Independents and anyone else slightly left of a hard Right center. Progressives can't even define themselves beyond not wanting to use the "L" word, so Obama isn't really concerned about them and doesn't need to address them...but can Obama really afford to lose the Senior vote too?

Tom Shaller over at asks: "Angry white men fueled the 1994 Republican Revolution. Will angry white seniors fuel a similar Democratic rebuke next year?" Shaller quotes David Wasserman's analysis of some pretty stark PEW polling results over at Cook Political Reports:

"If Pew’s latest numbers are even halfway accurate, they should frighten Democrats. Their surveys show voters 65 and over, who gave Democrats a 50 percent to 39 percent edge on the generic ballot in November 2006, giving Republicans a 51 percent to 43 percent edge now. If that reversal holds, Democrats could be ruing the "year of the angry white senior” at the polling place, not just the town hall."

So, where should Obama start speechifyin first? A darn good start would be to address Seniors and their concerns by saying something about "Mr. Burns", co-chair of the Cat Food Commission. Former Senator Alan Simpson referred to Seniors on Social Security as "greedy geezers" and has the Alliance for Retired Americans calling for his resignation.

So, start with Tit Gate, Mr. President. Maybe you can explain why you stacked the Commission with deficit hawks? Maybe? Time will tell.

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