Wednesday :: Sep 1, 2010

Hello Barbara?

by Deacon Blues

Is the Barbara Boxer campaign asleep at this news?

Hewlett-Packard Co., the world's largest maker of personal computers and printers, agreed to pay $55 million to settle a U.S. investigation of false billings.
The agreement resolve a Justice Department probe of whether the company overcharged taxpayers through a General Services Administration contract. The accord also settles claims in a False Claims Act lawsuit, first filed by a whistleblower and joined by the government, that the company paid kickbacks.

This fraud took place at an interesting time.

The DoJ brought the charges against HP in 2007. It claimed that the company, along with Sun Microsystems and Accenture, paid discounts and rebates among themselves and to other IT companies to help win "numerous" government contracts since the late 1990s. The DoJ argued that the trio's "alliance relationships", under which they would charge each other less when working on a contract, amounted to kickbacks. Accenture and Sun both denied the charges, and have not settled with the DoJ.

Gee, who was HP's CEO at the time of these fradulent activities?

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