Thursday :: Sep 2, 2010

US Dollars to the Rescue? Kabul Bank is Shaky

by Oly Mike

If there was ever any reason for us to invade Afghanistan, it got away along Osama Bin Laden when Bush let the Al Qaeda folks slip away into Pakistan from Tora Bora.

Now we are in a really disastrous situation in Afpakistan, an area that is home to both nuclear weapons and a lot of folks with a grudge against the US.

I never expected anything good from the Bush-Cheney folks, but I thought the Obama administration might make better choices, but I have been disappointed as Obama earns his warrior scout badge by escalating the death and destruction in Afghanistan.

Too bad about this Kabul Bank, though. Are we going to need to prop up another bank? Can we persuade Kabul Bank to merge with Goldman Sachs?

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