Tuesday :: Sep 7, 2010

You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows

by Oly Mike

Thanks to Bob for a good line. One of many. How about that for a question: what is your favorite Bob Dylan line?

Dahr Jamail has a piece on the threat of Erika Blumenfield (c) 2010global warming on Truthout. Erika Blumenfeld is the photographer for the Jamail piece and has done a great job of capturing the devastation of the BP gusher in the Gulf. Here is a link to a sample of Blumenfeld photography called The Polar Project.

That's a Blumenfeld photo to the right of an iceberg calved from Antarctica.

Climate Progress has this piece: Newark Star Ledger Editorial Board - Face facts: Climate change is unfolding as predicted. It's worth a couple of minutes to read.

Finally, we have Bill McKibben calling for direct action. Grist has that piece.

Here are some facts from the Dahr Jamail piece. And noting that Jamail is reporting on the work of Derrick Jensen.

Read'em and weep.

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