Wednesday :: Sep 8, 2010

Open Thread

by Deacon Blues

Some random observations:

Note how much play last week's Gallup poll got that showed a 10-point GOP generic ballot advantage. Note how little this week's Gallup poll got which showed the generic ballot jumping back into a dead heat once Obama engaged and went after the GOP for having nothing.

Isn't Obama's latest effort to get a multi-year infrastructure investment of $50 billion a year 1) DOA with this Congress; and 2) proof positive that the first stimulus was a flop for being too timid?

After watching the GOP suck the oxygen out of the August congressional recess media vacuum with the "Ground Zero Mosque" misdirection campaign, why aren't Democrats forcing the GOP leadership and GOP candidates to declare whether they support the crazy Florida "Koran-burning" preacher or our troops? It's very simple: do you support General David Petraeus and our troops, or are you tethered to the far right crazies in the GOP?

OK, take it away.

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