Sunday :: Sep 26, 2010

Campaign and Election Update

by Oly Mike

Campaign funding update:

Justin Elliot at Salon has interesting story on the money flowing to Karl Rove's political organization American Crossroads. The group raised a little more than 2 ½ million bucks in August and 91% of the August funds came from 3 billionaires.

Election news:

Turns out the billionaires are wasting their money because the planets are moving into alignment for President Obama around election time. I have been worried, even as I noticed Jupiter in the sky near the full moon earlier this week. Jump to Gurmeet Singh's piece at for the whole story. Here are some of the particulars on that:

President Obama is in Jupiter Main Period and Rahu sub period from Feb 2010 to July 2012. Jupiter and Rahu are two prominent planets that are influencing President Obama at this moment. Transit Jupiter was in a very strong position in Feb/Mar this year in Obama's second house and aspected the natal position of Rahu and 10th house lord Mars in Leo sign, when Obama got the Health Care Reform bill passed.

But President Obama's time is going to improve in Nov 2010 because Jupiter will be Stationary direct in its own Nakshatra in first few degrees in Pisces and then the end of Aquarius sign, very powerful. Also Jupiter will not be aspected by transit Saturn. Jupiter will be very strong and powerful for President Obama during the months of Nov, Dec 2010 and then Jan, Feb 2011.

I am relieved to hear it's going to be all right in November, but I still think it would help, even at this late date, if Obama would send Geithner, Summers, and Rahm packing. Geithner and Summers should never have been in their positions, Rahm has been a good corporate democrat and that wasn't going to work out either even if the guy is an effective political operator in some ways.

Anyway, it's all going to work out. Aquarius rising.

Happy Sunday to all.


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