Tuesday :: Sep 28, 2010

Open Thread

by Mary

The Koch brothers are gunning for taking California's green initiatives down. But, nevertheless, their win isn't a sure thing because other big corporates are coming out to protect the state from the marauding gangsters.

The advocates for the law include the environmental organizations you'd expect -- the Sierra Club, the Natural Resources Defense Council, the League of Conservation Voters -- but they also include hedge fund manager Tom Steyer, from Farallon Capital Management, who has committed up to $5 million of his own money to support the law. His co-chair in the effort is President Reagan's Secretary of State, George Schultz, who began driving an electric car a decade before it was fashionable. Venture capitalist Vinod Khosla has described the law as the single largest source of job creation in California in the last two years; Google's "clean-energy czar" Bill Weihl calls it a key to creating the companies of the future for California.

Does the dirty (and I mean really dirty) money take out California's groundbreaking greenhouse law? Keep your eyes on this initiative because it could prove to be the most important vote Californians make in 50 years.

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