Monday :: Oct 4, 2010

Get The Video

by Deacon Blues

Given that the Tea Party is a creation of Big Oil and far right extremism, it should be no surprise the California Tea Party is actively working with oil companies to pass Proposition 23, an industry-funded effort to overturn the state's landmark climate change law.

In the modern, post-Bush GOP, it shouldn't shock anyone that a marketing creation of Big Oil, GOP strategists, and the white extremist movement is treated like a serious citizens movement by our media, even when these allegedly serious limited government folks in fact suck down down Medicare, VA, and Social Security benefits. After Bush, the only way for the GOP to survive was to repackage itself and play to its fringe base in a GOP-tanked economy with a racist effort against the first black president.

Yet gutless Democrats and their Beltway strategists can't seem to connect for voters who the Tea Party really are: corporate-enabling tools who believe like their overlords that the Earth and US Treasury are theirs for trashing, while not caring one bit about the generations after them. After all, they're entitled, right?

Perhaps this will make it easier:

"When I see senior citizens out on the street corner holding 'Thank You Valero' signs, it just doesn't jibe," said Jamie Court, president of Consumer Watchdog. "Clearly the tea party is being used, and they are becoming the ground army for the oil refineries. Senior citizens would not come out to defend Valero unless there's some formal structure to get them out there."
Shirlee Pierce, a tea party activist in Solano County, says she contacted the Yes on 23 campaign on her own after doing research about the ballot initiative on the Internet. She's now organizing people to hand out Yes on 23 fliers at a Fairfield Safeway.
"To begin with, nobody knows if there really is global warming or if it is just a big scam to enrich the solar companies," said Pierce, who is retired. "And if the oil companies are fined for polluting, guess whose gas prices will go up?"

Someone please find video of this poor woman saying this, and then get the TV commercials made right away. Thirty days of those spots educating voters on what the Tea Party and GOP really stand for should do the trick.

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