Wednesday :: Oct 6, 2010

Happy Wednesday?

by Oly Mike

Election cycle coming. Unlimited corporate dollars are in play. Obama's war in Afghanistan is going poorly except for Karzai Inc. and the CIA drone war in Pakistan has riled enough Pakistanis to lead to attacks on our tanker convoys rolling around Pakistan on their way to Afghanistan. I guess we have set the stage for our guy Pervez Musharraf to take over Pakistan again.

I will probably vote because I always do, but I am not enthused about the two years of Democratic control of Congress and the White House and I dread the idea of the tea party infused Republican party having a greater voice in setting public policy.

Anybody see any bright spots? How are the political races looking up and down the coast? I will vote for Patty Murray for WA Senator. I haven't been following the race, but it could be close. In WA 3rd, I expect Denny Heck to win and take over Brian Baird's seat. Baird was a pretty decent Dem, a little hawkish for my tastes, but I give him credit for actually going to Gaza and having his eyes opened about the situation there. Must have been time for him to retire if he was going to speak the truth about Palestine and Israel and ask what we expect to accomplish when we send 3 billion dollars each year to Israel.

Ok, how about you? What are the bright spots? How are the local races looking? Happy Wednesday?

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