Saturday :: Oct 9, 2010

Best Government Money Can Buy

by Oly Mike

I am reading and thinking along the same lines that Turkana was on yesterday:

The NYT has a piece on the political activism of Virginia Thomas, which is to say Mrs. Clarence Thomas. Ms Thomas is heading up a political action group called Liberty Central that “dedicated to opposing what she characterizes as the leftist “tyranny” of President Obama and Democrats in Congress and to “protecting the core founding principles” of the nation”

Liberty Central is a 501(c)(4) so the source of donations and funds to operate the group do not have to be disclosed. Think that through and try to see a way that this does not create an ethical conflict for Clarence Thomas. Well, I guess we can wait for the issue to occur to Mr. Thomas.

I read a Joe Bageant piece earlier today that he wrote back in August about the ruling class as organ grinder, political class as dancing monkey, and the rest of us. Joe likes to write, it takes a while to get through his piece, but it's entertaining. And you do have to wonder about the wealth that the Clintons have accumulated over the past couple of decades. They dropped a fortune (5 million? Is that a fortune?) on Chelsea's wedding. I have no problem with folks spending their money on their children's weddings, but the scale of this party does make Bageant's point that the political class is rewarded by the ruling class for legislating and governing to the benefit of the few.

Election coming. I am not optimistic about this one. We have the collision of unlimited corporate money and widespread dissatisfaction with the fact that the Obama administration's economic choices were pro-bank instead of pro-job. Well, let the monkey dance, I guess. Best government that money can buy.

Liberty Central, anyone?

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