Wednesday :: Oct 13, 2010

Grand Old Party of Hypocrites

by Oly Mike

Joe Miller appears to be willing to take big system help for himself and his family and is running on a theory that there is a sense of entitlement in Washington DC.He's probably right about the entitlement politics of DC, but maybe he should have thought about his own glass house before he started down that road.

Alaska, is that Left Coast country? Got push-polled here at home last night. Lots of corporate campaign money coming out to play. Here we go. First election since Citizens United. Hang on to your hats.

Alaska Daily News has coverage and Slate has picked that up.

Miller vows silence on questions about personal background

Republican Senate nominee Joe Miller said Monday he will not answer any more questions about his personal background for the rest of the campaign.

He has said the Alaska media is reporting what he considers irrelevant issues, such as his past government benefits.

That includes coverage of the fact he and his wife obtained state low-income hunting and fishing licenses after he took out a mortgage and started a $70,000 a year job, and that his family of eight children received state and federal low-income medical benefits in the past.

Say it ain't so, Joe.

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