Friday :: Oct 22, 2010

How about some good news? Solar Roadways!

by Oly Mike

Watch this video. This is so encouraging. This is the kind of thinking that we ought to be demanding. This guy says the road/solar panel array at 15% creates all the energy we need in this country and more.

I am not crazy about roads, but if they were both roads and power generation system, they have a lot of appeal. Ask yourself why we need to burn coal, or natural gas, or biomass if we can convert the road system to an electric energy grid?

This is the kind of technology that could/would be implemented if we had a carbon tax or if the sources of greenhouse gas were required to pay the social and environmental costs that are shifted to others in our current economic system.

This is a great way to start the day. btw - most of the pictures or graphics I post are hyperlinks to the underlying website. Click on the picture to jump to the Solar Roadways website.


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