Thursday :: Oct 28, 2010

California Votes on Marijuana Legalization Next Week

by Oly Mike

We didn't get the initiative on the ballot up here in the Evergreen State, but we are watching the CA initiative and gearing up for another run at that initiative in the next election cycle.

This push is really about much more than legalizing marijuana. It's about ratcheting down the war on drugs and reducing the violence and waste of money and humanity that attends the war on drugs.

Here's some stuff from the news on that:
Anybody Tired of the War on Drugs?

President of Mexico Calderon says he is and calls for the United States to get it's house in order. Calderon says we need to stop buying drugs and selling guns. The Beeb has the story.

Nicholas Kristof say, yep, let's give up the war on marijuana at least. Read it in the NYT.

I have been missing in action on the web for the past few days. The last week of the month gets busy for me as I work on the production of Works in Progress, a monthly progressive newspaper printed and distributed in South Puget Sound. Lots of fun working in print media.

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