Thursday :: Oct 28, 2010

Tim Profitt Wants An Apology

by Oly Mike


Rand Paul enthusiast Tim Profitt got into a dust-up with a Move-On activist this past week.

The Move On activist is a 23 year old woman, Lauren Valle. Profitt says he thought she posed a threat to the candidate. Profitt and another Rand Paul fan took Ms. Valle down, then Profitt ended up with his foot on Ms. Valle's head. The word stomp has been used. Ms. Valle has been treated for a concussion, injured arm and shoulder.

Mr. Profitt told CBS WKYT that he is hoping for an apology from Ms. Valle. He also says none of it would have happened if the police had done what they were supposed to.

Classy. Throw chivalry to the wind and blame someone else for your actions. The party of personal responsibility? Lexington KY police have started assault investigation. Maybe the Lexington police and the KY courts will explain a few things to this thug.

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