Monday :: Nov 1, 2010

Yes on 19, Legalize Marijuana

by paradox

If I have been remiss in my silence of duty this election season—I am profoundly upset and unforgiving of Democratic Party “leadership” of the last two years but wary of even causing more harm to the twitching corpse of our body politic—it has been in my absence of advocacy for Proposition 19 in California. Legalizing marijuana deeply effects me and I had the resources to do more, but I was wary of subjecting my bashed and battered political psyche to any kind of input, why subject myself to the abuse?

To get it over with, I’d like to extend a big fat attaboy to all of our clueless Democratic Party leadership for letting me and the little people horribly down again by advocating the continuing insane criminalization of pot. California desperately needs hope and change to somehow keep us from drowning in the abyss, and all we got from souls who are entrusted with so very much is the total essence of complete stupidity, an appalling disregard for pain, misery and sickness, a disgusting and alarming acquiescence to brutal authoritarian impulses that beg for the very worst behavior humans are capable of.

For the sick, for the needlessly imprisoned, for the innocent dead on the border, for our State finances, for a great leap forward in collective public awareness of justice, liberty and peace, vote for the legalization of marijuana tomorrow.

Politics is always ultimately personal, but the vivid instant power of grace in the legalization of pot would mean so very, very much to me. I am a nausea patient of 120 months, suffering from cyclical vomiting syndrome, a viciously bipolar blunder of seemingly perfect physical health crashed and smashed regularly with searing waves of daylong vomiting no human should ever live through. For what’s left of my soul and my life from where you sit, well, all the hope for it sprang singularly from the stillness of stomach and appetite pot gave me when the endless heaving ordeals were over.

You would make me a criminal still? I am far, far from alone. Please don’t state pot clubs work, I’m never getting into a Federal database for pot smoking in this society. For the souls I can speak for from an acid walk of total personal physical health hell, vote for the legalization of marijuana so I and so many others can get our medication safely and in peace.

Ms. Jane Hamsher, publisher of Firedoglake and peerless advocate for Proposition 19, I apologize with all the neurons in my psyche for not helping more. I am having a trying year such as I have never had but once, most days I just didn’t have anything save for myself, which was never much. You have my eternal respect and gratitude, and although I can perceive of no service I could ever render I would do anything ever asked of me for you. Anything. I will vote and have used my written voice once. I do not forget.

[presses palms together]

Mr. Eric Holder, Attorney fucking General of the United States, you dare to inflict so much harm on the little people while ignoring the voted Democratic will of Californians by stating the Federal government will still prosecute marijuana laws if we legalize it tomorrow? Like that most excellent Windows device commercial where the dude lunges after his smartphone in a splashing urinal, really?

You actually mean to present to our youth and our people an endless future of Democratic Party ruthlessness of bloody wars and imprisonment of California stoners? You’re truly serious?

Well bring it on, beyotch, just try and ram that vicious stupidity down our throats while the tent cities swell and America rots for useless wars, I dare you, I double dare you, Fed, see what success such hateful regression gets you if you’re so stupid to try. If we win we’re ready for you, oh so ready. Yeah.

I don’t like voting early, I like to give presents to poll workers. Straight Democratic ticket, Yes on Proposition 19.

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