Wednesday :: Nov 3, 2010

Head Stomp, Part II

by Oly Mike

President Obama held on to his elected office last night, but other democrats did not fare as well. Hard to figure since without the efforts of the dems over the past two years we would not have a robust public option for health care, landmark climate legislation that put the US back in a leadership role around the world in addressing this problem, and the jobs program that turned this country around after the disastrous Bush-Cheney team put the country and the world in the ditch.

Wait a minute. I am waking up now, that's right, we don't have a public option. We never got the climate legislation we need, and we got a bankster bailout, not a jobs program.

Ok, I guess the election results make sense. Did the dems fail by trying to be too liberal as the right and the media will likely charge, or being too corporate?

My gal, Patty Murray, is holding a narrow lead over the aptly named Dino Rossi. My guy, Denny Heck, an experienced political guy has lost badly to Ms. Jaime Herrera, a woefully inexperienced young woman. I haven't paid much attention to that race, I don't know how flat the earth will need to be for Ms. Herrerra's tastes.

I haven't checked the initiatives yet. The millionaire income tax for WA State is the big one up here. I think it could not have done well in a red tide.

Anybody else awake and checking results? What does it look like in your locale?

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