Thursday :: Nov 4, 2010

The American People Are Not Stupid

by paradox

Like any good liberal I’ve found the last 36 hours immensely distressing, but it was hardly surprising, unbelievable generic polling with the Republicans up by 15 points weeks ago foretold a total rout. What does bother me immensely in the initial analysis is an absurd and extremely dangerous disparagement of the American people who incredulously voted in the goons who just wrecked the place: ignorant, irrational, schizophrenic.

When one is contemptuous of the little people with no respect for their problems, voices and actions expect immediate complete policy and political failure. The Party and President serve them, always, and if one chooses to forget it or ignore it or be in contempt of it searing losses of horrid pain will always be with us.

There’s nothing at all basely wrong with the American voting public, responsibility for Tuesday’s disaster lies squarely with the Obama administration and Democratic Party. We so deserved what we got, if one feels like a lot more of it keep blaming the little people for it like this immensely obnoxious work by Mark Morford. Now that’s some whiny stupid.

Let’s get this clear with a nuclear clarity: voters and the little people clearly don’t like Republicans or their policies, but they obviously loathe spineless fools who cannot come even close to upholding their core principles and fail them even more. A lot more. If the Democratic Party was supposed to stand for anything it was the American worker, the last two years have been a screaming hurricane disaster for us, while the President and Party let us rot to hell.

That’s how you get your ass thrown out of office, it’s a much bigger sin to betray your own people than to be political fools like the Republicans. Go ahead and make it immensely worse by blaming the abused for it, political oblivion will soon be yours, they’ll just despise you even more. Rightly so.

Independent and detached voters (who completely abandoned us Tuesday) surely must have observed another Democratic Party fact of the last two years: if the President cannot take care of his very own political people, how is he supposed to take of the American people?

Opinions on who is at fault for the raucous Democratic base strife are completely irrelevant. The fact squarely and immensely obviously remains the Obama administration didn’t have the skills to keep their own Party cohesive, it’s immensely disturbing to watch and engenders enormous distrust.

Again, if continual losses like Tuesday are your gig then go ahead and blame the base for it. It’s the leadership responsibility to keep cohesion, learn it or lose, voters won’t trust a leader who—hello?—can’t lead his own team.

The American labor market has been smashed, tens of millions are desperate for work in livid fear while wages have gone nowhere. Millions more have lost their homes, countless souls have seen lifelong career investments chucked into the abyss, so many relationships and marriages smashed in the turmoil, the children watching in hidden pain and grief.

What did the American worker get in the last 24 months of this hell? An insane war that costs $180 billion fucking dollars a year, tax cuts and amazing snotty proclamations another Depression was averted, Wall Street fat, sneering and serenely happy.

For that Obama and Democrats richly deserved to lose, and we surely did. Nothing irrational, whiny, ignorant, or schizophrenic about that. Nothing at all.

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