Thursday :: Nov 4, 2010

It's Time to Welcome Howard Dean Back

by Oly Mike

Howard Dean brought the dems back to the majority a few years ago with his 50 state strategy. The dem leadership was so appreciative they sent Howard packing.

The blue dogs are big losers in the 2010 election. It's time to tell them to act like democrats or switch parties. The electorate does not like republican lite. They voted for change in 2008 and change was not delivered. Time to plan for 2012.

Now that Rahm and his cohort have run the dem party back in to the ditch, maybe it's time for the dems to apologize and ask Howard if he can do it again. I would understand if Howard told the Obama/Clintonistas to shove it, but it's not his style. He is a true liberal, a progressive committed to public policy that would help the vast majority of americans and would shrink the gap between the have-mores and the have-nots.

If Obama is smart, he turns to Howard Dean today. Don't mourn, organize.

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