Thursday :: Nov 4, 2010


by Deacon Blues

Nancy Pelosi is sending signals that she wants to hold onto the Democratic leadership in the House, and has already talked with Steney Hoyer about this. The remaining Blue Dogs, who were decimated in Tuesday's election, are adamantly against her staying at the head of the caucus, and may run someone against her, seeking to split the caucus.

My two cents: The next two years are difficult enough already without having a lightning rod as the face of the opposition every day. Life isn't fair and both Nancy and Harry Reid probably deserve a better fate, but image and the right wing media machine factor into this. It's also possible that some of the remaining Blue Dogs could bolt for the other side if Pelosi stays on as Minority Leader, making a bad situation worse.

Yes, the remaining caucus is largely progressive now, but who is the best person to lead it and make the case these next two years?

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