Monday :: Nov 8, 2010

The Hard Times Coming Can Be Profitable

by Oly Mike

Mary's post on the failure of "conservatives" to be cautious with regard to global warming got me thinking about the profit motive that really defines the modern day Republican Party. There is no need to engage in reasonable public policy if conflict and disaster can be spun for electoral fear and corporate profit. The key to the success of disastrous public policies and the folks who push these policies is to have a scapegoat ready. It's hard to advance the notion that we are all in this together with regard to global warming, and that we need to commit to the kind of change that would be necessary to address the problem, when there is so much money to be made in the disaster industry and it's going to be so easy to identify the dangerous other who can serve as a scapegoat.

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The Shock Doctrine

In THE SHOCK DOCTRINE, Naomi Klein explodes the myth that the global free market triumphed democratically. Exposing the thinking, the money trail and the puppet strings behind the world-changing crises and wars of the last four decades, The Shock Doctrine is the gripping story of how America’s “free market” policies have come to dominate the world-- through the exploitation of disaster-shocked people and countries.

The mainstream press seems very interested in covering the drug ring wars near our southern border.

Connect the dots, kemo sabe.

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