Tuesday :: Nov 9, 2010

Open Thread

by Steve

The "business-first" center of the Democratic Party will spend the next two years telling us that the party needs to be more friendly to business in a post-2010, post Citizens United world. They will tell us that the progressive wing and bloggers of the party are to blame for the Democrats' predicament right now, not Barack Obama nor the centrists themselves. And they'll tell us this while they sell out core Democratic principles and constituencies to Corporate America. The standard talking point will be to equate progressive groups and bloggers to the Tea Partiers, as if MoveOn and the Center for American Progress have been actively racist and supporting violence against the government and those that disagree with them.

And some of them, like Senator Mark Warner of Virginia, will be spewing this garbage simply because they are convinced that Obama's troubles create the opportunity for them to offer themselves as a centrist, pro-business alternative for 2012.

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