Monday :: Nov 22, 2010

Still Afraid of the Underwear Bomber

by paradox

Ahhhh, an excellent political knifing on a Monday morning sure does a soul good, so richly deserved, so pithily done. Paul Krugman performs the necessary task on President Obama for this absolutely horrifying and offensive Catfood Commission, led by bloodthirsty Alan Simpson.

In 2009 we desperately needed another stimulus twice as large as the failure brokered in 2008, but instead we got an administration completely cowed and bullied by media chumps and political losers that the deficit was now the greatest threat ever. How convenient such claims of vast hypocrisy stopped any more spending for the little people, how noble and brave to pass off responsibility for stopping this offensive political insanity to a commission.

Might as well seriously keep fucking it up for consistency, I guess, and appoint a grossly offensive thief who hates everything liberals and Democrats stand for. Just sit there mute as a corpse as said animal inflames and seriously instills fear to the horribly abused Democratic base by threatening our enshrined social success of four generations, Social Security. That’s how leadership starts a Monday in the Democratic Party.

President Obama could lead and announce anything Congress adopts from these horribly offensive thieves from some ratshit commission will be instantly vetoed, after obtaining the resignation of that evil man instilling so much fear. He could. We all know what will happen instead, more abuse, dread, and confusion among bewildered Democrats who can’t understand how a leader from their own Party could put them through this on Social Security.

Atrios keeps imploring a head must roll for the idiotic Simpson decision, it’s crushing to any level of White House credibility the slithering lizard was appointed, let alone still there, but the Obama people are oblivious.

Watching the blood of the base and Party drip down the screen, fear for Social Security an awful creep, eyes eventually flicker left to an another ludicrous and insulting administration policy response, this time endorsing the deeply offensive full body airport screening machines.

The revolt is fully on, thank jesus it’s finally started, but the change you can believe in folks—with an obtuseness George Bush would be very proud of—insist the outrageous and horribly offensive airport insanity must be clamped further on our backs.

Everyone knows the Obama people welded themselves to the Republican defense and security posture to win rich friends and display weakness with a laughably false bravado, right, never mind how many of our people lose their lives in the useless wars, but the payoffs they perceive in this gross stupidity stop at these incredible body scanning machines.

Hey White House, you’ve just got your ass kicked, you don’t have any political capital left, especially not when groping my balls becomes an issue.

[shrugs] Oh whatever. The White House doesn’t listen to little people, the base, liberals, or even Democrats. They like airport body scans and Alan Simpson.

“We cannot forget that less than one year ago a suicide bomber with explosives in his underwear tried to bring down a plane over Detroit,”
Mr. Pistole said.

Oh sorry, how blinkered and inflammatory of me, the White House isn’t filled with political morons, they’re just plain afraid. Of the underwear bomber. Of course, of course, more coffee please, how silly of me to forget that the greatest, most vastly powerful nation the world has ever seen is led by fear of some needledick in his underwear who inflicted nothing on us.

Now I’m one of The Other at my home page Daily Kos, furtive little goons follow me around with my worst hide-rates (I earn them every time I’m about to puke). The base is AfPak all the way after two years of Obama. More fun.

I hear the White House is worried about Independent voters. At this point I seriously wonder if this insanity, belittling and constant losing to chump Republicans could possibly be worth it to the Party, I’m not voting for Alan Simpson enablers, I just can’t.

Perhaps it’s time to let history write what happens when one so ludicrously abandons base, Party and enshrined principles and programs. Perhaps it’s time for a President to know my vote is nowhere near automatic, one cannot insult and abuse me forever, I won’t put up with it.

Is that an ego-based immaturity? I didn’t get my way or what I see to be true, so I stomp off?

We shall see, so far liberals have received nothing from Obama, and we never demanded perfection. Perhaps it’s better to lose in one term and get it over with so we can try again in 2016. After enough mornings of Alan Simpson Obama politics I seriously do not see why losing is so bad given the benefits, I really don’t.

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