Sunday :: Nov 28, 2010

Food Security?

by Oly Mike

I don't know why a farmer/voter in Minnesota should understand global warming and extreme weather better than a farmer/voter in South Dakota but both states are experiencing the same global warming impact of extreme weather and South Dakota continues to elect public officials who will oppose any meaning act to reduce global warming and Minnesota goes the other way.

When South Dakota gets it, things will change. Conservative does not have to mean slow to change and stubbornly dim-witted, it could mean interested in the conservation of the natural environment that is the foundation of our way of life.

That video is from and captures a really intense front moving in back in August. If you like storm video, should be in your bookmarks.

The NY Times has a thoughtful piece piece by Jack Hedin on the challenge of global warming, extreme weather and farming. Think food security as a facet of national security.

HTML coding is making me work this morning. As a sidenote to those of you who use movable type platform, are you writing in html or using a wysiwyg editor? I am spoiled by Wordpress and tinymice interface.

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