Monday :: Dec 6, 2010

The Big Deal

by Deacon Blues

It doesn’t happen too often, but occasionally I find myself agreeing with David Brooks. He offers up a suggestion on how Obama can seize the initiative on taxes and spending, and push the GOP into a corner. It’s been pretty clear for awhile now that despite what Obama says about the Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthy, he doesn’t have the guts to actually draw a line in the sand over them as Krugman wants him to, and is looking for an extension of all cuts. Brooks takes note of that, as well as the stronger-than-anticipated support for some of the Catfood Commission recommendations, and offers Obama a bipartisan way forward tied to tax reform and simplification like that offered by Ron Wyden and Judd Gregg.

I've moved beyond bemoaning Obama's lack of principle and core values, concluding that I was simply naive to expect he was any different than other politicians. I'm more concerned now about Democratic survival than I am Obama, and since he fancies himself a legacy-setting history maker, I suspect he's more likely to do what Brooks suggests than we know. And after reading through the Catfood Commission report and recommendations, and seeing that their cuts and strong support for Obama's health care reform (even the public option) have relative merit compared to the nonsense we're about to get from Boehner and McConnell, I think the White House will head in this direction.

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