Wednesday :: Dec 8, 2010

Let the Guy Talk

by Oly Mike

I am getting some emails telling me that if I will listen to the full Obama press conference instead of the spin and soundbites that I might conclude that Obama is still a guy I should support and believe in.

Ok, I am staying home this morning and I am listening.

I start as a serious skeptic. I believe Obama has not put up any fight for a progressive agenda item to date. Maybe he is on a track to demonstrate centrist success that will end with his re-election in 2012 and have coattails that will return the House to democratic control. I don't think so, but I would love to be wrong about that.

I have to mention that I thought of the movie Chicken Run when Obama talked about his choices - either doing this deal or getting nothing passed in the lame duck session - as one of the chickens in that movie cried when faced with an either/or dilemma, "are those our only choices? " How about fighting? Maybe he needed to start the next two year session with a republican party that is dedicated to gridlock government by setting up the showdown that would have made them blink or suffer the electoral consequences.

Yes, there would be pain with the lapse of unemployment benefits, that pain should have been brought to bear on the republicans holding up the relief.

Instead he made himself a republican doormat for the next two years. If you listen and hear something persuasive, let me know. I am ready to support a primary challenge at this moment.

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