Thursday :: Dec 9, 2010

Obama brings the fight

by Oly Mike

to the progressives in recent days.

He is in the bubble to the extent that he doesn't understand why progressives are disgusted with him and do not share his sense of the legacy power of his health reform legislation. If he wanted legacy credentials, he needed to fight for the public option and he ran from that fight as he did on the tax cuts for unemployment extension deal. As a deal maker, he's a chump. His attempt to bring a no-partisan, bi-partisan, post-partisan politics to WA may be noble, but it is wildly naive and destined to fail.

Obama faces an entrenched and disciplined opposition whose first priority is to make him fail, no matter what that failure costs the republic and its citizens. If he refuses to acknowledge and act on this fundamental knowledge, he is a chump.

Gail Collins at the NYT got this part of the Obama folly in her opinion piece today:

“This isn’t the politics of the moment. This has to do with what can we get done right now,” the president said heatedly as he defended his tax deal with the Republicans against outrage from the Congressional left.

It takes a lot to make President Obama incoherent. I think the vision of trying to corral 60 votes in the Senate on the night before Christmas sent him over the brink

Yep, that's incoherent. and then the gloves come off as Obama takes on his progressive critic. He does have some fight in him apparently, but he's saving it for staunch progressives who are noticing and commenting that the emperor has no clothes.

Maybe this is as simple as just not recognizing that the country cannot be governed for anything but a corporate-militarist agenda?

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