Monday :: Dec 13, 2010

That’s Some Serious DC Dissonance

by paradox

Watching the oscillating reality polarity of Washington DC politics can instantly give any little person a bad headache. To the politicians, lobbyists, alleged journalists and political junkies soaked in the psychosis it seems normal enough, one guesses, but to anyone else looking in all one sees are a lot of poached frogs babbling deliriously about tax cuts in that simmering water, brains and policy cooked to oblivion.

Foolish jest or frivolous hyperbole? Ha. Guard your psyche and follow me.

Suddenly out of nowhere in 2009 media hacks and Republicans with absolutely no shame started ranting about the terrible, awful evils of the deficit that would ruin us—ruin us all, I tell you!—if we didn’t slash social spending right away.

These were the same loons that said tax cuts would create jobs and increase tax revenue, who did not give one milligram of shit as George Bush racked up historic deficits. But all of a sudden in 2009 they are so very smart and serious, boing-boing in your head, never mind, son, that’s DC.

[The junkie explanation for those genuinely confused is that Republicans hate little people social spending like a housewife loathes cockroaches, for investing in American lives will make them grateful Democratic voters and belie the idiocy that government is a problem. Do anything to stop it from happening and keep lying about Social Security, the Wall Street cash always comes in.]

So laughingly incompetent and bullied Democrats create a commission to recommend all the ways we can cut back the slithering creeping evil of deficit. We have a Congress to do this in DC, but never mind, American, in that town Congress won’t do its job and then implement somebody else’s inevitable failure. That’s just the way DC does it, seriously.

President Obama, who calls himself a Democrat and was elected from that Party, stacks the commission with loathsome evil lizards like Alan Simpson, one of those DC liars who will do or say anything to gut Social Security, that vast success that delivers so many little people votes. Battered and defensive by his outraged Party, the President babbles Social Security zombie lies that it was started for widows and contributes to the deficit. Half the Democratic Party base is now freaked out and useless, unable to accept that DC dissonance in fact elected a Republican from their own ranks.

Even though the deficit is the most evil thing ever, when it comes for Bush total Republican failure tax cuts all of a sudden in December 2010 they’re just fine and dandy. Seriously, never mind about Alan Simpson, blow a massive hole in the deficit with tax cuts now!

Somehow trying to avoid the banging alternate policy polarity, why would tax cuts somehow be desirable? They’re stimulus, American!

Stimulus? So people have more cash they spend so more people could get hired? Well, if it’s so critically important folks get hired, why fool with it, why not use federal money to—uh, you know—create a job for them?

Oh shut up, American, in DC reality is what we make it, we scream about the deficit and then cut taxes. Then tell you it creates jobs when it doesn’t.

Ahhhh, okay. Shoving that mountain of psychosis aside, DC, America has been in a war we can’t win for 10 years currently at $120 billion annually. Is there a DC answer to that and the deficit? Cut taxes!

America currently spends $750 billion a year on tanks, pistols, rifles, grenades, mortars, tanks, planes, helicopters, drones, ships, satellites and hovercraft. What about that and the deficit, DC? Cut taxes!

The 21st century rips forward ever faster, DC, we see other countries with bullet trains, great wireless and broadband networks, exciting green implementations of solar energy that save the planet and create jobs. Is there, by any chance, an answer there….of how silly of us little people, this is DC we’re talking about! Cut taxes!

That is some serious dissonance, DC, y’all scream about the deficit for years and then do precisely the same things that created it. Even with war and unemployment and global warming solutions are never reached for and the deficit grows.

DC dudes, give it up. The lying and babbling and incoherence with bodies and crushed lives lying everywhere is plain pathetic and contorted y’all into mental patients. DC wants the military industrial complex, endless wars, a vicious oligarchy, knifing the little people more in all the bloody insanity by cutting Social Security, and a President who wants to be a Republican.

The little people are in for it with nothing but scraps. Just say so, the loony dishonesty isn’t worth it, for any of us.

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