Friday :: Dec 24, 2010

Open Thread

by Mary

Digby wrote about the Turnidge case today where the extreme anti-government right-wing father and son bombers were convicted of murder. Digby mentions that she hadn't been aware of this case even though it was clearly was a domestic terrorist act. For those of us living in Oregon, the case has been discussed quite a bit lately, but it never made the big time in the national news cycle. This week, OPB had a segment on Think Out Loud that contrasted the coverage of this father-son bombing and the coverage of the young man who had attempted to set a bomb off in Pioneer Square last month. That case, because it was a case of an Islamic extremist got significant national press. Since the Turnidge case involved a bombing that actually killed two police officers, you'd think it would have gotten a lot more play than it did. But perhaps Americans aren't as frightened of anti-government extremists who think they should have the right to blow things up as we are with Islamic extremists. Why do you suppose that is?

You can listen to the segment here.

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