Thursday :: Jan 6, 2011

Do Facts Matter?

by Oly Mike

John Boehner is out to gut the health care reform from last year. Since the bill includes no public option I have to say that I am not sure why I should care that this "reform" act get gutted, but it would be helpful if our health care decisions were based in facts. Democracy Now has an hour on health care reform from January 5th. In this program you can hear John Boehner gush about how we have the best health care system in the world and he's so proud of it that it makes him want to jump for joy (Boehner has federal health benefits).

Richard Cohen has a piece from back in November where he identifies that we are not enjoying the best health care system in the world. We are in 49th place.

WE'RE 49!!! I believe that is true even if you have federal health benefits.

We are in for a long year of public policy based on intentional ignorance or distortion of important facts that ought to be part of the public policy debate. Getting emotional about how America is the greatest country in the world is fine if you are into that, but I hope that some folks like Patrick Leahy, Bernie Sanders, Barnie Frank and others, maybe even some republicans? will occasionally seek to determine facts when formulating public policy.

Or we can simply repeal health care reform and mandate that all doctors wear a flag pin on their lapel.

Facts are important, but the sound bite is critical as well. If and when health care reform is taken up again, I hope that proponents of the reform will at least have sense enough to recognize that the sound bite is Medicare for Everyone. The best health care system in the world can be built on facts that support a good soundbite like Medicare for Everyone. It's not government health care! It's Medicare for Everybody! Keep your hands off my Medicare. Make the republicans oppose Medicare if they have the nerve. You know they hate the program almost as much as they hate Social Security and estate taxes, but most of the electorate believes Medicare is a good program even if they can't figure out that it is a government health care program.

Makes me want to cry along with the new speaker.

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