Friday :: Jan 14, 2011

Loughner and the Militia Movement

by Oly Mike

The mainstream media is doing everything it can to present Loughner's disjointed ramblings without any context that allows the ramblings to be seen as anything but complete craziness.

The craziness may very well be there, but the fixation on currency, brainwashing, language and grammar are rooted in militia movement philosophy and has strong anti-semitic tendencies.

A few points and links:

I don't have time right now to do an extensive search on the whole currency thing, but here are a couple of websites that I found that fit into the gold and currency thing.

It might be helpful to look hard at the reasons why a desperate guy who also might be mentally unstable would rant about currency and shoot a representative who attends a synagogue. I think there are other folks who occasionally show up at synagogue who are mulling the motivations and target choice of Loughner.

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