Wednesday :: Jan 19, 2011

Some items from the world on Wednesday

by Oly Mike

A couple of well-known folks shucked off this mortal coil:

  • Sargent Shriver passed, Kennedy brother-in-law Courtesy SFBGand big government public servant, the guy who headed up the Peace Corps when it got started in the JFK administration.

  • John Ross, beat poet and war resister passed at age 72 in Mexico, click on the photo to jump to SFBG bay area blog that has a piece from Tim Redmond remembering John.

Never met either man and Sarge never moved me much, but when I look at this picture of JR, I feel like I know this guy. Vaya con Dios, amigo.

There is some continuing buzz up here in the land of tall trees about the bomb found on the MLK parade route over in Spokane. Glad someone spotted that and it didn't go off and hurt anyone. I don't think this is going to get much press unless it turns out to have been left by a Muslim and that seems like a long shot. AP has that story, Slate is also carrying it.

The LA Times has details on the shooting at Gardena High School. It appears that one was accidental discharge when a handgun concealed in a backpack discharged when the backpack got bumped.

With all the talk about gun control in the wake of the Tucson shooting, this story speaks for itself. Res ipsa loquitor as they say where I work. There is no explanation at this time for how the weapon got past the metal detectors at the school, but it does beg the question about how much safer we would all be if more people were packing heat. If we assume that this student had the weapon with him for self-protection (maybe??) then the weapon firing from a backpack and hitting two students speaks volumes about the fallacy of allowing students to carry weapons into school to make us all safer.

A female student in this shooting was struck in the head and is reported to be in grave condition.

I heard a piece on NPR yesterday morning about the unregulated drug salvia in connection with the Tucson shooting. I guess that there is story about Loughner using salvia. So maybe the Tucson shooting will lead to increased criminalization of salvia? I guess I have to say that I think looking at gun regulation instead of salvia regulation makes more sense to me.

What caught your eye in the news this morning?

I think we have missed the story in Tunisia and Papa Doc's return to Haiti. It's a small world, but those don't have much left coast connection.

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