Thursday :: Jan 20, 2011

2010 Ties with 2005 and 1998 for Warmest Year on Record

by Oly Mike

The ten warmest years since records began in 1854 all occurred since 1998. AP has coverage here. If you want to experience global cooling incoherence, I recommend this site.

Link to Wired and Ackerman story

A bombing in Iraq that targeted Shiites is getting a lot of air play and it's horrible of course, but the leveling of an Afghan town by US forces is not making it on to the back pages. The US military reports no civilian casualties when they used 25 tons of explosives on Tarok Kalochie. Spencer Ackerman has the story and Wired is carrying it here.

WHAM - winning hearts and minds in Afpakistan. Remember folks, they have some nukes over in the neighborhood. And they hate us for our freedoms according to one theory.

Joe Lieberman may finally give up his senate seat, but Politico is reporting that he would consider a post as secretary of defense. I am ok with the Obama folks naming him as special envoy to Tarok Kalochie. Let's get the hawks on the ground where they can see their work up close and personal.

Thanks for the link to Moon of Alabama in comments yesterday. That's an entertaining website.

There does seem to be a story in the return of Baby Doc Duvalier to Haiti, but I am not clear what that story is. Courtesy Wikimedia CommonsTake the link above to a Christian Science Monitor piece that puts forth five (forth five, you like that? I do) theories.

Brutal dictators returning to the scene of the crime is an unusual practice and Baby Doc is in custody and may be reflecting on the wisdom of returning to the scene of the crime. Can you say tonton macoute? It's easy if you have a little creole blood.

Oh, just got call that the server is down at work, better post this up and stream in and see if I can get the office working again.

Happy Thursday to all!

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