Friday :: Jan 21, 2011

Jane Hamsher at Fire Dog Lake is Worried about Bradley Manning

by Oly Mike

And maybe we should all be a little worried Courtesy FDL when a US citizen is put in solitary confinement for more than 7 months and not brought to trial.

Is solitary confinement set up to protect a prisoner from injury or to break the prisoner down through sensory and personal interaction deprivation? Is solitary confinement torture?

I will tell you this, most of us will not retain our mental balance if we are put in solitary confinement for an extended period of time.

This is probably something that Julian Assange is worried about with the possibility of being extradited to US custody and disappearing into solitary confinement in a supermax facility.

Fire Dog Lake has pretty extensive coverage of the Manning story and you can sign the petition and get involved by jumping here.

TGIF. Lots of us getting a couple of days off from the grind. Don't spend your free time in solitary.

I also recommend checking out the link on memory in Mary's open thread just below. Interesting story and website.

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