Saturday :: Jan 22, 2011

What's Up? It's Saturday Morning - Open Thread

by Oly Mike

A couple of things jumped out of the news and email box this morning:

  • Olbermann quits. Mediaite has good coverage, Slatest is rebroadcasting the M coverage. Let's face it, corporate and progressive media don't really mix. I actually haven't heard Olbermann much. I don't watch or listen to much of the corporate media unless it gets filtered. I scan WAPO, NYT and a few others just to see what stories can't be ignored and how they are being spun, but I don't read or listen much to the media megaphone.

  • The WAPO has a story that corporate cash to GE Building, courtesy Wikimedia Commonsrepublicans has really turned up now that the new Congress is in session. Is this a news story? Unless you pose it as the best government that money can buy, it seems pretty tame to me. Meanwhile Obama grabs a guy from GE to help him rake in some corporate cash. Jack Donaghy and Don Geiss were not available, so Obama went with Jeffrey Immelt. NYT has coverage. I like the photo they ran with Immelt at the POTUS podium and Obama applauding. I think the photographer caught something there.

  • In Seattle, the inquest into the shooting of Native American wood carver John T. Williams has come back with some findings that suggest that there was insufficient threat to justify the police killing of Williams. The Williams shooting is a story that has lots of us in Puget Sound pretty riled up. We are tired of police violence in Puget Sound. Will the prosecutor bring charges against the shooter? Time will tell.

Lakewood WA police shooting photo

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