Monday :: Jan 24, 2011

Open Thread

by Mary

David Neiwert spells out what makes speech irresponsible.

The critical components that distinguish irresponsible speech from responsible speech are interworking and interdependent, but they involve standards that are universally recognized by journalists as fundamental to their profession: truthfulness, accuracy, and fairness. Thus irresponsible speech usually has five features:

* It is factually false, or so grossly distorted and misleading as to constitute functional falsity.

* It holds certain targeted individuals or groups of people up for vilification and demonization.

* It smears them with false or misleading information that depicts them in a degraded light.

* It depicts them as either emblematic, or the actual source, of a significant problem or a major threat.

* It leads its audience to conclude that the solution to the problem manifested by these people is their elimination.

The lies that destroy the ability for people to see their political opponent (or rival) as human are indeed a recipe for inciting violence.

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