Tuesday :: Jan 25, 2011

Happy SOTU Tuesday

by Oly Mike

Courtesy Wikimedia CommonsBoy, there is a lot going on around the small blue planet.

Egyptians are in the street in apparent excitement about freedom in Tunisia. Will we see the movement spread? I sure hope so. Maybe Hosni Mubarak will announce the end of his presidency of Egypt with this term and allow more freedom for dissent in the country? Wouldn't that be great? The LA Times has pretty good coverage in the link above and is reporting that Twitter is blocked in Egypt.


Obama's White House has decided they no longer need Carol Browner's services as climate advisor. Moving to the center? Is the climate crisis over? Politico has coverage.

Who else, wikimedia commons, thanks

And of course, there is talk that Pres Obama is going to speak to the huddled masses later today. Trying to decide if I will try to listen and blog that event. It's bound to piss me off, but I have some alcohol on hand that might help me get through it.

I will pass if anyone else jumps in to cover that event. or if turns out to be beyond my technical skills to stream and blog at the same time.

Really, my interest in not in the USA today. I am doing the Egyptian, baby!

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