Friday :: Jan 28, 2011

Bye, Bye Mubarak?

by Oly Mike

News this morning said that the internet and almost ISPs in Egypt were down. There is a lot of speculation that this may just backfire. Maybe these days if you shut down the internet in a country in turmoil more people take to the street instead of fewer people.

News this afternoon is that President Mubarak has asked his cabinet to resign.

It would be nice to think that authoritarian regimes are no longer able to crack down as the Chinese did at Tiananman Square a few decades ago.

The unrest in the Middle East is spreading. Tunisia is attempting to sort out the future without a Pro-Western military strong man. People are in the streets in Yemen.

This is amazing stuff. It's not easy for citizens to challenge their own police and military forces. Do you think the Saudi princes are watching this story?

Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

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