Sunday :: Jan 30, 2011

What Happened to that Shock Doctrine Red Flag, Anyway?

by paradox

For those who don’t know the background on December 28th I raised the red flag of Shock Doctrine on one immutable proclaiming variable: cuts in Social Security announced in last week’s State of the Union address. Well, what happened?

Nothing. President Obama announced no cuts in Social Security, yet was vague enough for even the keenest political junkie to be confused, for he staked out very little and proclaimed Social Security framing that is dismayingly Republican. To put us on solid ground would be to loudly state the truth Social Security has been over-taxed for decades and contributes nothing to the deficit, yet all we got was a sick promise for bipartisanship. After the humiliating super-shellacking inflicted on the country for a piddling unemployment extension no liberal trusts Obama to feed their cat, so all this vagueness and ambiguity around Social Security soothed no liberal souls.

But the flag, home, up or down? Despite all the ambiguity I’m taking the flag down, it’s not fair to the President or the country to declare us in shock doctrine when nothing happened. Still, the fear, alertness and vigilance for this holy enshrinement of the Democratic Party and country remains, be politically stupid to alter any tiny thing and a searing, vicious disaster to the Democratic Party and horrifying descent into fearful shock-addled madness for the country will torment us all.

We never even should have become remotely close to this place, fear and confusion snapping the red flag in a rising roar of unemployment, underemployment, health care out of control, war and defense spending insane but somehow okay in the new normal of the 21st century. We desperately need to defend liberal and Democratic Party principles of honorable labor for a living wage, peace, equality and tangible accomplishments for our future, yet from the vista of Obama’s State of the Union these American elements that we have fervently clutched to our hearts and souls were worth nothing but a starving silence.

This is where the total obedience of the liberal Democratic Party base rips us and the country, the Obama Administration does anything to chuck our holy principles without a thought because there’s never a penalty.

Adding to the pain is the plain screamingly obvious observation of what political chumps our Republican cousins are, their House leadership is like their politics, a laughable mix of nothing cloaked in anger and bigotry. That Party and those clowns don’t have a chance against Obama and liberal principles, polling consistently demonstrates it, yet the choice is never made to roundly beat them with it.

The Republicans are America’s gravest threat to liberty, peace and security, we all know that, but easily the second-most danger to us is in fact always ourselves, our dismaying ability to lie to ourselves into an oblivion of political uselessness. Utmost vigilance is placed upon Social Security, but almost par to it is a laser focus on truth and honesty in upholding our principles. Are we moving the country and Party forward, or do we like the sound of our own voices in an echo chamber?

The vagueness of Obama’s stance in the SOTU produced a semi-amusing response in the rec list of Daily Kos, one work proclaiming in effect the red flag down, the other still defiantly holding it up. The red flag down work contained many gleeful comments that those silly liberal heads so ridiculously worried about Social Security must be exploding now.

Liberals have fervently served the Party and country all their lives, and in 2008 when Obama needed us course we showed up. When it gets to the point where Obama supporters sneer and goad on good liberals in the orange pixels of Daily Kos know like the sun rises one is booming echoes in a chamber so far, far away in space. So lost. Liberals are your people, always will be, believe you me if ya’ll could somehow make us go away it would be instantly clear we were never the problem.

It was extremely interesting, recently I published at Daily Kos without cross-posting at The Left Coaster, for I had to include imagery, a table and fonts that Daily Kos always screws up, I get angry and frustrated. Blast embarrassing mails to the tech at Daily Kos, I’ve made an ass of myself enough times with work like this that I didn’t want to embarrass my Blogfather when it went wrong, as it did.

I was very surprised at the uninhibited feeling writing the text, at how much restraint I use (yes, I do) cross-posting. If Obama touches any tiny element of Social Security I’ll stop cross-posting and become a viciously subtle, informatively funny, happily ruthless son of bitch you won’t recognize.

I won’t be the only one, not hardly, after 30 years of the conservative hurricane the proud liberals left know how to fight. I’m warning and begging the Obama administration again, by all that’s holy do not go there, do not put the country or us through that.

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