Wednesday :: Feb 2, 2011

When the Weather is the News, Lead with the Weather

by Oly Mike

Slatest carries story from MSNBC that Cylclone Yasi is heading landfall in Queensland, Australia. The cyclone (we call hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean) is reported to be Category 5 with 23 foot tide surge and winds of 18 mph plus. Stay afloat down under. 2007 8 cyclone patterns, Courtesy Wiki Commons

The Midwest calls in a snow day as a massive blizzard blows through. It's a big one. Stay warm and inside, that seems to make sense to me, unless you just want to go outside and play in the elements. Weather Channel has coverage, they never miss this kind of thing!

Weather has changed. More extreme weather events is part of global warming. It's going to be bad and get worse. We need to invest in the transition to the post petroleum age now. We need to confront the deniers and demand that they stop playing politics with this important issue. A planet with more stable weather patterns is not a socialist scheme.

Ok, on to news. Mubarak says it's his last term in office, he's leaving in September. I predict he is leaving in February, he just hasn't accepted it yet.

That's Prince George on the right, Prince Saud on the leftThe guy in Yemen says he is out at the end of this term also. I guess we will wait and see if he lasts that long. How long before somebody calls for elections of some sort in Saudi Arabia? How do you think that will go over with the House of Saud?

So did democracy uprisings break out in the Middle East because we toppled Saddam and his statues or did they have more to do the desperation of folks who saw food prices rise as part of global warming? And we are back to the weather.

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