Monday :: Feb 7, 2011

Rise and Shine! It's Monday Morning

by Oly Mike

Thought I would post something before I continue the work week. I was in the office for a few hours this weekend trying to keep up.

Man, that's a color guard, isn't it?

A few things jumped out of the news.

George W. Bush was scheduled to travel to Switzerland and read from a teleprompter for an undisclosed sum of money, but the trip was canceled. The WA Post has coverage. The trip is off because protests were being organized and more importantly, several human rights groups were planning to use the occasion to inflict the rule of law on W by persuading the Swiss to respond appropriately and open an investigation of the man who admits he ordered that prisoners be waterboarded. W better hunker down in Crawford and keep his travelCour plans quiet if he wants to avoid a Pinochet moment.

Here is another story that jumped out at me.

Hosni Mubarak's holdings might be worth about 70 billion dollars. It's like Where's Waldo. How many of those bucks in holding originated from US military support to Egypt? The man has done alright for himself, hasn't he? Maybe it's time to move on in the manner of the Shah instead of the manner of Saddam?

Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

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