Saturday :: Feb 12, 2011

Gun Control is What?

by Oly Mike

Saw a bumpersticker on truck passing me on I5 a couple of weeks ago that said:

Gun Control is Dropping a Liberal at 500 Yards

The truth is that conservatives (don't know about that label, can't figure out what they want to conserve except the status quo?) are probably more likely to have a weapon than a liberal, and maybe more inclined to put a sentiment like the one above right there on their bumper, but I don't know where to go after getting that far? Do we need to market the

Gun Control is Dropping a Neocon at 500 Yards

bumpersticker? What's funny about that? I don't want anything to do with it. Think about the political environment that enables a person to stick this kind of sentiment on their car for everyone to see.

One email list I am on has been talking about how to talk about guns. Should we post the statistics on gun violence to refute the "guns don't kill people, people do" argument or what?

I say, take the argument apart head on. Of course guns kill people. So many homicides by guns each year, so many accidental deaths by firearms each year in this country, and you want to say, guns don't kill people? Get real.

Are you delusional? Take a firearms safety class and see if you don't get some sense that guns kill people.

You want to go deer hunting? Fine. A bolt action 30.06 with a scope is a great deer hunting rife.

This is not a deer hunting rife. It is a gun for hunting people. This gun and others like this one kill people. Sign the petition if you want.

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